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North American Bird Bander

North American Bird Bander (vol. 1, 1976- ) is the quarterly publication of the Western, Inland, and Eastern Bird Banding Associations and includes articles and information of interest to banders. More...

News from the Bird Banders & Western Bird Bander

News from the Bird Banders and its successor Western Bird Bander were published by the Western Bird Banding Association (WBBA) from 1926 through 1975. All fifty volumes are available in the Newsletter Archive as searchable PDFs.

WBBA Brochure

A two-page PDF which, when printed back-to-back, can be folded into thirds for easy distribution at meetings and events, or sent by postal mail. Brochure (PDF)

CRC Handbook of Avian Body Masses

The following announcement appeared in North American Bird Bander, v.9, 1984: "Body Weights of 686 Species of North American Birds, by John B. Dunning, Jr. NABB has published the above monograph, which should be of great interest to all bird banders and avian biologists. It constitutes "Monograph No. 1" (May 1984) of WBBA..."

This volume was superseded in 1993 by the CRC Handbook of Avian Body Masses, covering 6300 species, edited by Dr. Dunning, and published by CRC Press. The 2nd edition, now covering 8700 species, was published in December 2007.