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Board Members and More - Effective February 13, 2018

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President: Holly Garrod
Costa Rica Bird Observatories
email: holly@costaricabird.org
1st Vice President: Vacant
2nd Vice President: C. J. Ralph
email: cjralph@humboldt1.com
Secretary: Eva Gruber
email: inyourstory@gmail.com
Treasurer: Zach Hutchinson
Audubon Rockies
email: zhutchinson@audubon.org
Immediate Past President: Judith Toms
email: Judith.toms@canada.ca
Membership: Danielle Kaschube
The Institute for Bird Populations
email: dkaschube@gmail.com
At Large Board Member: Pablo (Chespi) Elizondo
email: jpelizondo@pifcostarica.org
At Large Board Member: Chrissy Kondrat-Smith
Arizona Game & Fish
Nongame Branch
email: ckondrat-smith@azgfd.gov
At Large Board Member: Allison Nelson
San Francisco State University
San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory
email: nelson.allison@gmail.com
At Large Board Member: Adam Hannuksela
email: ahannuk@gmail.com
At Large Board Member: Steven Albert
The Institute for Bird Populations
email: salbert@birdpop.org
At Large Board Member: Genevieve Day
email: genevieve.petra.day@gmail.com
NABB Editor: Walter H. Sakai
email: danausakai@aol.com
NABC Rep: Vacant
Webmaster: Amon Armstrong
email: aja40@humboldt.edu
Back Issue Sales: Tricia Campbell
email: tricia.campbell@icfi.com