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Bird Banding Class in Alabama - September 25th – 30th 2017

Wehle Land Conservation Center, Midway, Alabama

TheWehle Land Conservation Center in partnership with the Birmingham AudubonSociety is offering a      6-day BeginnerBird Banding class this September.  Theclass is tailored to provide interested individuals (amateur birders,professional biologists, graduate students) in the Southeast the skillsnecessary to participate with existing projects involving bird banding (MAPSbanding stations, migration banding stations, targeted research).  It is open to everyone, regardless of pastexperience.  The small class size isdesigned to allow for individual attention from an instructor with over 20 years’experience.

Date and time: September 25th – 30th 2017, with classes going from 6:30 AM to 2:30 PM.

Program Size:Space is limited to 10 participants, with a minimum of 6 to proceed withclass.    Potential students under age of18 must participate in a phone interview with the instructor and have 2 adultletters of recommendation.

Instructor:  Charlie Muise beganbanding in 1992 and has since handled over 30,000 birds in at least 7states.  His current projects include twolong-term stations designed to monitor the effects of grassland restoration;long-term monitoring of Loggerhead Shrikes that includes radio telemetry;capture of migratory Northern Saw-whet Owls, coastal sparrow monitoring, andtwo fall migration stations.  He assistswith other projects through the state of Georgia.  Charlie has trained a number of people whonow band in Virginia, Connecticut, New Jersey, North Carolina, Georgia and evenBrazil.  

Location:Wehle Land Conservation Centerlocated in Midway, Alabama (Bullock County). 

4819 Pleasant HillRoad 

Midway, AL 36053

Class Cost:$455 includes training and overnight accommodations, with a $50 depositpost-marked by September 8.  The deposit will help take careof some of the preparation costs, and will communicate to us that you arecommitted to taking the class.  You should mail a $50 check to:

Charlie Muise

368 Eady Creek Rd.

Barnesville, GA 30204

After deposit is made, bring two checks for theamounts of $225 to instructor Charlie Muise and $180 (lodging at $30/day) tothe State Lands Division.

Participants are required to bring their own food.

Banding Skills taught include:

·                 Reasons for banding  (and NOT banding)

·                 How to initiate a successful banding program

·                 Safe operation of a banding program for humans, aswell as birds and other creatures

·                 Operation of mist nets and safe bird extraction

·                 Bird-handling skills

·                 In-hand aging and sexing

·                 Data recording using MAPs protocol and forms

Lectures and discussion topics include:

·                 Rules, regulations, authorities

·                 Permitting process

·                 Organizational resources

·                 Banding Ethics

Materials: Please bring a bird field guide to use.  If you do not have one, thiswould be a good thing to purchase, but I also have a couple of extras that Ican loan.  Field guides are very useful for identifying species, but toidentify subspecies and sex and age birds, the necessary book is Pyle's IdentificationGuide to North American Birds Part 1, which can be purchased (new or used)on Amazon, or here: www.slatecreekpress.com/orderIDG.htm   If you want to also get Part 2,we would be happy to help you get adjusted to using it, but we will not likelyuse it in the class.  We will have a fewcopies of this on hand, but we recommend you buy it, especially if you will bebanding birds for research purposes.  Another very useful guide for ageingbirds is Froelich's guide to molt limits and plumage.  Wewill require everyone to have a copy of this, but we leave it up to you whatformat you would like it in.  You can either download it or view it on atablet (phone screen is too small to see detail in the photographs), or take itto an office supply store for quality printing.  It must be in color.

To summarize:

Fieldguide - required

Pyleguide - recommended

Froelichguide - required (digitally on tablet or color printed) Froehlich_2009_Ageing

Please feel free to email me (Eric) or Charlie (cmmbirds@yahoo.com) if you have any questions.  Themost important thing right now is to get your deposit in.  Once Charliehas received those deposit checks, he will provide you with furtherinformation.


Eric C. Soehren
Ecologist & Manager

WehleLand Conservation Center
4819 Pleasant Hill Road
Midway, AL 36053
(334) 529-3003 | M: (334) 850-4553
A facility of the State Lands Division